Upcoming Events


3           MARCH GLADNESS - Promoting Sunday School 
              9am High Attendance Sunday Breakfast*
10          Daylight Saving Time Begins
10          9am Muffins March Gladness*
14          6:30pm Exec Bd Mtg @ Pleasant Valley BC
15          10-2:30pm Poverty ; Understanding & Engaging Conference@
              Warren Assoc of Baptist, Bowling Green Ky.
17           9am Sausage Biscuits March Gladness* 
              Church Planting Emphasis Sunday
              Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday
20          1st Day of Spring
23          9am-12pm Sunday Coaching @ BRBA
24          9am Doughnuts (if goal is met) March Gladness*
31          Lord's Supper am service*

        * denotes at West Fork Baptist